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Reusable containers

The containers used for Gourmet-Go dishes are so effective that they can be reused.

The containers are made with quality plastic, ideal for a second use.

The environment at the heart of our organization

Everyone must do their part for the environment. Small and big.

The little things that matter

We are aware that the environment is an extremely important subject. That’s why we want to participate as a company.

Small gestures that may seem innocuous on a daily basis can also be beneficial. For example, offering recycling and compost bins in the workplace. Promote electric cars or bicycles. Or use better quality reusable containers for our products.

Premium quality plastic

By packaging our Gourmet-Go food dishes in these containers, we promote their reuse by our customers. Easily washable and solid, our food dishes can be reused for all your surpluses. Liquid, solid, hot or cold food. Our containers are very versatile. The lid is solid and also closes very well.

If you don’t want to reuse our containers, don’t forget to rinse them and put them in a recycling bin.

Durable, quality plastic

The plastic used for the composition of our dishes is plastic number 5, polypropylene. It is one of the safest plastics. It’s the same one you find in baby bottles or yogurt jars.

In addition, polypropylene can be recycled several times during its life. Finally, the number 5 plastic used for our food containers is very resistant. That’s why you can easily put it in the freezer and in the microwave.

High quality plastic containers

Frozen, transported, lugged, heated, reheated. Our containers are proof.

Durable resealable lid, Microwave safe and stackable.

leftover tables

Don’t pay for new plastic dishes. Use our Gourmet-Go containers for your leftover dinner.

Recyclable containers

Our containers are made from number 5 recyclable plastic. You can reuse them without hassle.

excess cooking recipe

Made way too much spaghetti? Freeze leftovers in our Gourmet-Go containers. Ideal in the freezer and for office lunches.