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Who is Gourmet Go?

The Gourmet Go menu brings his delicious prepared meal to your table, and you will love every bite.

Chef Marc Vringnon makes every dish using only the highest quality ingredients.

At your service!

Enjoy our Chef’s home-cooked meals from the comfort of your home

He carefully selects all the meats and vegetables for every succulent dish he prepares. The chef also makes every recipe using the same techniques he learned from watching his mother all those years ago.

The chef’s cooking styles focus on braising and simmering the meats to hold in as much flavor as possible. Braising combines wet and dry heats for preparation and cooking. After browning the meat at a high temperature and simmering them to deliciousness.

Restaurant quality cooking

With a focus on haute cuisine, Chef Marc Vringnon prepares the quality dishes you will find on the tables at the finest restaurants around town. He creates the best dishes out there through careful preparation without the same expensive price. The chef guarantees you will not find a more exquisite meal delivery service that brings meals right to your front door that are ready to eat. That is because his eloquent manner and passion for preparing mouth-watering, excellent quality meals are out of this world.

The unique, delectable, and signature meals come from Chef Marc Vringnon’s hometown of Québec. You will want to try all the fantastic foods the menu has to offer, such as the chef’s signature succulent beef bourguignon. He prepares the dish using the best lean beef available and carefully creates his savory sauce from scratch. The plate will leave you wanting more. You must also try one of his personal favorites, Escalope parmigiana. He prepares each meal with care using superior and fresh ingredients, then freezes them for delivery.

A local company

While each dish will warm you up from the inside, it doesn’t have to be winter to cozy up and enjoy this delicious comfort cuisine!

You will want to try all of his recipes!

Quality meals

Give yourself or your family food that keeps them healthy

Quality ingredients

Each food is of superior quality directly from the market. Our meats are braised by our team in the kitchen.


Every order is personally delivered by our team directly to your front door.